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Manic Side Extreme Camp Vasilitsa 20/6/2013

8:25:00 PMBadios

A fully loaded car with extreme accesories and a destination with unlimited possibilities. A couple of days spent on the mountain of Vasilitsa GR for some summer snowboarding and nothing else but extreme fun !
Spiros Badios, Alex Johny Pappas,Giorgos Priftis,Thomas Alexis,Giorgos,Tasos,Bill & Pella
Editing Spiros Badios
Photos by Bill,Johny,Thomas,Priftis,Badios

 Perfect conditions for a summer snowboard training camp, maybe next year!
Small but superfun ! 
 80min hike to the top
 Bungee skim in the lake did not work that good,
 Our playground, an icy line way bigger than it looks
speed and fun! 

 Combining bikes with cliff diving in Venetikos river
 our base
Bill touched it first 
just a 2 minute stop
Nature can be as wild as "hell" on the mountain 
These are just the remains of the Manic Side Caravan !

this feels like home to us ! 

These few days were more than great, adrenaline,a good laughter,relaxing and repeat. We felt so free we forgot almost everything from the daily life back in our "homes". 

If you want it you better go fucking do it! 

It's so sad we're surounded by people who are tough to hold us down, i'll tell you what....
they have no place in our plans....
Have fun!

Check out more pictures on the damn' facebook page here

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