Side By Side Movie !

5:03:00 PMBadios

If you like action sports and what we do as Manic Side then lay back with some friends and enjoy the movie....
We love adrenaline,we love laughing,we love partying,we love crazy ideas,we love being ourselves....
"Side By Side"

Side By Side movie from Manic Side on Vimeo.

A Movie by Spiros Badios with main characters:
Vagelis Kavadas,Spiros Badios,Spiros Katehis,Yiannis Michalas,Nikos Kavadas,Alex Pappas,Fanis Vartziotis,Stelios Ieronimakis,Marina Badiou and some of their friends.....

featuring all the sports and activities we were involved in between 2008-2011....

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