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Vag Kav 3rd place in Elasona's MegaDownhill

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While we were having fun dancing crazy and giving away lots of gifts in a local festival "Groove Your Neighborhood III" Vagelis Kavadas and his brother Nikos went again to Elasona for the Mega Downhill Competition....Nikos had some injuries from last night's "nomarhia stair jumping".... got some more crashes while riding in the trail and couldn't compete....Vagelis due to his tough workout in the Morias training facilities finished in 3rd place...Well done to our team riders and thanks everyone for the good words of our Elasona Downhill Video....we promise there will be more....

more info and photos ->

We wish GOOD LUCK to VAG KAV in the competitions in Crete the next few days...
-We'll party hard in Sidari&Kavos for you ! ! !

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